Exterior Painting Services for Homeowners Throughout San Diego County, CA

Nothing transforms the look of your home’s exterior quite like a fresh coat of paint. In just one day, your home can go from dingy and drab to the envy of the neighborhood. But, if you don’t choose the right type of paint and an experienced painting contractor, you’ll likely find this home upgrade to be short lived. Indeed, poor-quality or inexpertly applied paint can quickly blister, fade, and chalk, leaving you right back where you started. Fortunately for homeowners in San Diego County, California, cladding their homes in beautiful, high-performance paint that will look great for a lifetime is easy because they can simply turn to SLS Home Remodeling for professional exterior painting services.

Make the Most of Your House Painting Project

When you turn to SLS Home Remodeling for exterior painting services, you can be sure you’ll receive a lasting value for your investment. We use only top-of-the-line house paint from trusted brands that are ideal for homes in the San Diego area. Typically, we recommend the COOLWALL® system from TEX-COTE® because it provides best-in-class:

  • Durability – The COOLWALL paint system is designed to resist all forms of weathering and deterioration, so your home’s exterior continues to look brilliant long into the future. This paint is even designed to shift with your home as it settles to prevent cracking.
  • Energy efficiency – Our paint uses the same solar reflective technology that the military uses to reduce the heat signature of vehicles. Coated with this paint, your home will absorb much less solar heat, which could lower your monthly energy costs.
  • Beauty – You’ll get to select from an enormous variety of stunning colors to suit your preferences. And you’ll be able to count on your new paint to look beautiful year after year with minimal upkeep required.

At SLS Home Remodeling, we strive to provide house painting solutions to meet any homeowner’s needs and budget. In addition to TEX-COTE systems, we proudly offer a variety of other solutions, including premium paint from highly regarded names, such as Sherwin-Williams® and Dunn-Edwards.

Professional Exterior Painting Services Performed the Right Way

SLS Home Remodeling has perfected our exterior painting services, ensuring each project is completed to the highest standards. We’ll thoroughly clean and prep your home’s exterior so that our premium paint adheres properly. And, your professional painting services will be completed by factory-trained and –certified experts who share our passion for quality workmanship and service.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your home in San Diego County, CA. Contact SLS Home Remodeling today to learn more about our exterior painting services.

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